Dick Whittington

Draycott Memorial Hall, Friday 3rd and Saturday 4th February 2017

A fun-filled family pantomime telling the traditional story of Dick Whittington who comes to London to seek his fortune, accompanied by his talking cat, Tommy. Assisted by two of London’s finest fairies, Dick takes up the challenge of ridding the capital of the evil King Rat and his hoard of disgusting ratlings. A rip-roaring escapade ensues as our hero learns the meaning of true love and friendship while Tommy just wants a kipper! Featuring a fabulous cast including a fair maiden, a nasty villain, a feisty dame, idiotic evil side-kicks, sea fairies and terrifying sea creatures and many more.



Allie White

Production Manager

Ash Jones

Producer, Props & Stage Manager

Bernie O’Neill

Technical Director

Roger Reeson

Wardrobe Mistress

Amanda Batten


Hannah O’Neill

Set Management

Tim Cook and Ash Jones


Fliss Cobley

Front of House and Raffle

Gillian Salt


Alison Quill


Jean Resson and Roger Reeson

Lighting Crew

Rob Elliot, Steve Dennett


Elaine Tucker

Sound Crew

Tom Batten, Rob Elliot

Set Build

Ash Jones, Tim Cook, Dave Mullay, Roger Reeson, Miles Whittle

Set Painting

Cast Members

Prop Build

Ash Jones, Keith Batten

Prop Decoration

Tamzin Wood, Tahli Wood, Susie Cook, Cast Members


Amanda Batten with Brenda Apted, Kate Archibald, Annabel Astle, Keith Batten, Brenda Cole, Kate Febrey, Sarah Handly, Alison Quill, Kerrin Turner, Barley Turner, Caroline Walker, Natalyia Wills, Daphne Wyatt, Teresa Wyatt

Hair and Make-up

Debbie Levy, Rachel Chard and helpers


Susie Cook, Rita and Vic Skinner, Sarah Stott, Rob Millard, John Quill, Nettie and Richard Wills,

Front of House

Carol and Bob Burslem, Helen Dance, Gill and Roy Dury, Susan Elliot, Wilf Lacey


Kate Archibald, Loiuse Biffin, Jane Innes, Anne Stowell, Caroline Walker, Tamzin Wood

Back Stage

Ash Jones and Bernie O’Neill with Chris and Jerry Fulton, Dave Mullay


Lynda Whittle

Many thanks also to Draycott Post Office, Wells Little Theatre, David Cheetham (piano playing of London Medley) and all others who gave their time to get the show on the road!


Fairy Bowbells

Sylvie Barham

Fairy Dumbbell

Elaine Bradley

King Rat

Miles Whittle


Bea Cook


Barbara Wheal

Dick Whittington

Nathan Tabberer

Tommy (the Cat)

Eloise Pryor


Keith Batten


Tim Cook

Alice Fitzwarren

Hennasey Faye Millard

Alderman Fitzwarren

Nick Hill

Sultan of Morocco

Tim Shaban

Hannah O’Neill

Magician, Londoner, Sailor, Mini Fairy, Dancer

Bea Archibald

Londoner, Sailor, Mini Fairy, Dancer

Alfie Head

Town Crier, Londoner, Sailor


Mimi Astle * Annabelle Bazley * Ellie Oakley * Abbie Stephens * Bethany Thomas

Market Traders/Evil Sea Creatures/Moroccan Guards/Dancers

Ottie Astle * Poppy Batten * Rosie Ellis White * Marianne Pryor * Charlotte Ward * Elana Wood

Ratlings/Sea Fairies/Jellyfish/Mini Panto Characters

Sophia Archibald (Mini Alderman) * Hazel Batten (Mini Sarah) * Alice Cobley (Mini Itchy) * Laura Cobley (Mini Scratchy) * Lily Lintern (Mini King Rat) * Freya Harvey (Mini Cat) * Ollie Thomas (Mini Jack) * Darcy Walker (Mini Dick) * Isabel Wood (Mini Alice)

Londoners/Market Traders/Sailors/Mermaids/Belly Dancers/Moroccan Servants

Jeff Astle * Mary Anniuk * Michele Ball * Liz Bamber-Smith * Tricia Lumley * Maria Millard * Alison Quill * Jackie Thomas * Nataliya Wills * Roy Wills

…and back stage

Dick Whittington – Mendip Players
An extract of this review was published in The Cheddar Valley Gazette, 23rd February 2017

Reviewer – Lauren Jansen-Parkes (Saturday 4th February 2017)

It’s always a good sign when you arrive at a venue thirty minutes before curtain up to discover that not only is it a full house, but most of the audience have already got their drinks in, taken their seats, and are raring to go. It’s perhaps not surprising – with forty-four people in the cast, and nearly 60 more credited in the programme, this isn’t ‘just’ a Pantomime, it’s a community event quite unlike any other. for more see….