After September

Memorial Hall, Draycott, Thursday 14th, 15th and 16th July 2016

The staff of Gwendolen Kyte School for Girls is an oddment of social misfits and eccentrics. Returning for a new term the teachers face a catalogue of catastrophes, and tension reaches breaking point when a government inspector arrives……

“This is a brave but inspired choice for The Mendip Players, deftly directed by Sylvie Barham. In less skilful hands, it could be a turgid litany of line readings and talking heads…fortunately, this universally strong cast delivers…during the course of the unmissable evening.

Period wardrobe, make-up and hair are the unsung well as the impeccably realistic and robust set”

Michael Powell, Cheddar Valley Gazzette. July 2016



Sylvie Barham

Producer & Stage Manager

Bernie O’Neill


Elaine Tucker and Tim Shaban


Roger & Jean Reeson


Amanda Batten


Bea Cook


Rachel Chard and Phoebe Bright


Debbie Levy

Set Construction

Tim Cook and Miles Whittle

Production Team

Ash Jones, Dave Mullay, Roger Reeson

Front of House

Gillian Salt and helpers


Mr Smith

Ash Jones

Miss D’Vere

Allie White

Miss McBain

Fliss Cobley

Miss Fisher

Sarah Stott

Miss Bickerstaff

Karen Salt

Miss Kershaw

Hennassey Millard

Miss Duke

Natalyia Wills

Miss Godfrey

Gillian Salt

Miss Pink

Elaine Bradley

Miss Cross

Alison Quill

Miss Kyte

Tricia Lumley